Healthy-Steps®, formerly The Lebed Method, is a therapeutic program utilizing dance and exercise. Healthy-Steps® was developed in 1980 by Sherry Lebed Davis, Dr. Marc Lebed, and Dr. Joel Lebed at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Initially intended for breast cancer patients, Healthy-Steps® is now used for many types of chronic illnesses including upper and lower extremity lymphedema. Sandel et al. (2005) has proven that The Lebed Method significantly improved the physical and emotional needs of breast cancer patients such as increased shoulder range of motion, quality of life, and body image. Other research has shown that this program has significantly reduced the “fall risk” of elderly people (Krampe et al., 2010).

Typical length of Healthy-Steps® session is 1 hour with a 10 minute water break. For best results, it is offered weekly for 8 consecutive weeks or longer.

healthsteps400This program can be offered 1:1 or in a group setting (group size will be dependent upon the size of the room.)

This program is perfect for:

  • Elderly or anyone having difficulty with mobility.
  • People in wheelchairs and bedridden
  • Cancer survivors and their care-givers
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia patients
  • People with chronic illness and emotional disabilities
  • Stressed career professionals
  • Anyone of any age who is willing to experience a fun and unique exercise program

Clients leave this program singing and joyful. They have commented how this program gave them a lasting feeling of energy and enthusiasm to help them for the rest of the day. Clients look forward to the next session knowing all the wonderful benefits that will experience after the class.

“Step into the rhythm of life.”

*Prices based on facilities’ location within 10 miles of Boston area. Contact us for outside locations.

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