Here are more praises about our services:


AlphaSanford“Debbie is the ultimate personal coach when it comes to living a full life. When I say “full” life, I mean that, it is he integration of every single aspect of life: family, wealth, career, success, relationships, health, and also faith. She understands that living is not just on the surface; she goes deeper. She makes you understand that knowing yourself first and foremost is the key to living a spirited life.

Her A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Life coaching program is perfect for someone who is already a leader but needs that slight push to go further and lead with integrity; this is also perfect for any executive who needs a sensible person who can guide them in balancing success at work and at home; this is also perfect for someone who just needs a helping hand in learning and building a life of happiness, love, and spirituality.

There is no one like Debbie. And if I were to choose someone who can integrate all the areas of living a great life and help me transform myself to the fullest, I’d call on Debbie- over and over again. No doubt.– Alpha Sanford |




LucilleSorrentino“Debbie understands her students well and her personal suggestions and her comments are abundant with wisdom, encouragement and intuitiveness.

Each week, the tools she provided truly helped us on many paths to achieve our personal goals and our heart’s desires. It is a warm, trusting, and comforting environment she draws her students to.  I want to express how happy I am having taken the class and what it has done for me personally. 

I thank this wonder, caring and talented individual, our teacher/mentor Debbie Lyn Toomey.”  – Lucille Sorrentino, Community Liason, WHCC


“I loved this Healthy Steps class! We need this more regularly.  I loved the movements, the props, and the music.  It’s jazzy!” – Georgia


“Debbie takes the time to get to know the client as a total person. She considers their needs, hopes, fears and expectations. She makes a difference in her client’s lives.” – Bob H.


“This Laughter Yoga class was just what I needed! It was fun and exhilarating.  It gave me a great way to feel free and move around after my cancer treatments.  I have spent so many months in the strict routine and structure of my chemo and radiation treatments that I forgot what it felt like to just laugh and play. Debbie, thank you so much for providing me with an outlet to be myself.” – Shelia H.



Healthy Steps is so much fun. I look forward to going to class each week. When you leave the class you come out singing and then you sing all day long. Debbie is just wonderful and everyone has a smile on their faces and you can tell everyone is having fun.  You forget all your troubles while you are there.  I just love it and I would tell everyone to try it once and I know they will be back again and again.  Thank you Debbie for everything you do.” – Eleanor K.


“Comments and feedback about my Healthy Steps experience are all positive and uplifting.  Since I began your class, I look forward to returning each week.  Participating in exercise, experiencing humor and learning from your positive thoughts about life are helping me each day. As Grandma Moses said: ‘Always keep your smile. That is how I explain my long life.” – Jeanne


LolaTom“Debbie is a highly skilled nurse who has integrated her mind-body-spirit practices into fun workshops.

I have witnessed those who have participated in her workshops to leave lighter and happier.” – Lola Tom, Director of Business Development and Asian Services, Multicultural Home Care & Freedom Home Care



“One recent comment I received recently happened the next morning after your Healthy Steps. A tenant from the building came into my office a Lower Mills to say to me, ‘it was s wonderful to see these elders working out doing their exercises.  I had to stand there and watch without them seeing me.  For the first I saw the children in them it was the most peaceful serene looks I’d ever seen on their faces I was so take back by this, truly taken back, I had never seen them so happy.” – John K.


“Debbie, The presentation on Positive Psychology was wonderful and very inspiring. I feel your personal presence held the attention of the audience with humor, knowledge and your upbeat attitude. There were many smiling faces throughout and happy participants leaving the seminar. The SPIRE Methodology will be a simple daily check-in for myself in order to continue living with “a glass half full” outlook about life.

During my cancer journey, I tried to survive each day by remaining positive but there were extremely difficult moments for sure. Being cancer free, in and of itself, encourages me to live each day to the fullest, keep life simple and be happy.” – Jeanne R., Leukemia Survivor


“Working with Debbie Lynn Toomey enabled me to productively work through some challenging health issues.  She is an intuitive and compassionate listener who made me feel safe and supported.  She made goal setting fun and accountability easy.  I highly recommend Debbie Lynn as a positive, caring and effective life coach.” – Debra DeLorenzo


This tenant was very sincere when he told me this, it made me feel s good to know we too were doing something good making sure you are there to help them. Thanks Debbie.” – Lynda Viola, MSW, Senior Case Manager for Supportive Housing, Boston Senior Home Care


jonaldiem.fw“Debbie’s Spirited Living coaching program is an 8 week comprehensive program which allowed me to focus on my goals and desires.  Prior to going through this program I was experiencing some difficult fulfilling certain goals.

Debbie’s helped me to have a clearer vision of what I wanted to create in my life in a more relaxed manner.  I recommend anyone who is trying to experience a more rewarding life to take Debbie’s course.” – Jonaldie M.


“I never got much opportunity to socialize with my neighbor until I attended the Laughter Yoga classes.”


“I’ve lost weight!!!”


“I no longer stay in my apartment alone, Laughter Yoga improved my health condition and my mood.”


“Thank you!!!”