Ultimate Healing Journey

Ultimate Healing Journey believes that time is not just money; it is a priceless gift that everyone has. Even though we cannot see it, we know that it is there when we lose it.  Ultimate Healing Journey is committed to bringing this awareness and support to the smart and busy women of today who believe that their main problem is running out of time trying to balance work and life. We believe that time is actually on our side. Through our simple, successful, and spirited programs, Ultimate Healing Journey is passionate about sharing our timeless secrets that will naturally lead to a happy, healthy, and successful life. Once women apply these proven and practical techniques, they will be amazed at how time can work for them instead of against them. Our easy and enjoyable programs can boost your energy, clarity, and joy within minutes, so that you can have more time for yourself at the end of the day. Ultimate Healing Journey works with today’s women and offers programs in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Our powerful techniques and skills are perfect for the busy women of today.

Ultimate Healing Journey programs are based on evidenced-based findings and experience. Women will enjoy the simplicity of our programs and feel confident that the shown techniques have been successfully tried by many others and received great outcomes. Our programs inspire the busy woman to unleash her internal wonder woman to begin protecting and saving valuable time to balance work and life, integrate mind-body health, and harmonize with others in their lives.



Ultimate Healing Journey’s mission is to help women globally to freely live an abundant, joyful, and healthy life at their own pace with both grace and ease. We strive to make her, the “mama”, the caregiver, and the multi-planner in all of her relationships, happy so that everyone will be happy too.



Ultimate Healing Journey’s vision is a world filled with radiantly happy women who feel safe and worthy about expressing their inner truth in a wholehearted way. As such, they inspire those around her to also lead a happy and successful life creating a ripple effect of positive change in their family, friends, and others’ lives.