Debbie Lyn Toomey, Health & Happiness Specialist

DebbieToomey4Debbie Lyn Toomey RN,  “Health & Happiness Specialist” and founder of Ultimate Healing Journey knows about the challenges that women of today face.  She has lived it and witnessed it in others.

As a nurse for over 25 years, Debbie has taken care of hundreds of smart and successful women with stress-related ailments whose conditions eventually worsened due to lack of time dedicated to self-care and living true to their own desires.  Debbie established Ultimate Healing Journey, as the vehicle to deliver her overarching message of living the best life by taking the time to tune into and follow the wisdom of your heart; leading you to the ultimate form of success. Through Ultimate Healing Journey, she shares her personal success stories along with solid scientific data to deliver powerful information that will transform the woman of today into the wonder woman that she truly is. Debbie is committed to helping busy women by teaching them practical knowledge and skills sets that will best guide them to the road of a balanced, healthy, and harmonious life.

Debbie is an avid health and healing seeker. She is always looking for practical and natural ways to feel better. She has dedicated most of her life to the pursuit of learning unique, simple, and powerful ways to maintaining and sustaining greater health and feeling of well-being. Debbie is also the author of forth coming book on productivity and positivity.

Below are just some of her credentials… any more than that would just be downright embarrassing to list. <wink>
Know that when you work with Debbie, you will get the benefit of her professional health care background and considerable mind-body-spirit trainings and certifications.

Professional credentials:

  1. Graduate of UMass-Boston School of Nursing, Bachelors of Science Degree
  2. Registered Professional Nurse of over 25 years at Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA.
  3. Certified in Positive Psychology, through Wholebeing Institute, trained by author and co-founder of Wholebeing Institute, Chief Learning Officer Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD.
  4. Positive Psychology Coach trained and certified by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, founder of Positive Acorn
  5. Laughter Yoga™ Leader trained and certified by Bill and Linda Hamaker
  6. Healthy-Steps™ Teacher trained and certified by Sherry Lebed Davis (co-founder)
  7. Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™  trained and certified by author and creator Peggy Huddleston
  8. Wellness Coach training trained and certified by Appalachian Consulting Group
  9. Peer Support Whole Health & Resiliency trained and certified by Appalachian Consulting Group
  10. Acupressure Shiatsu, Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy trained by Barbara Blanchard of Acupressure Therapy Institute.
  11. Homeopathy graduate of Teleosis School of Homeopathy
  12. Six Sensory™ Teacher and Leader trained and certified by author, speaker, and intuitive Sonia Choquette
  13. Advanced Angel Practitioner trained and certified by Karen Paolino-Correia
  14. Akaschic Records Practitioner trained and certified by Christina Cross
  15. Usui Reike Master trained by Usui Reike Masters in the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui
  16. Master Energy Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique, Clearing You Birth Energy, Chakra Balancing) trained by Master Energy Therapist and author Carol Tuttle

Up Close and Personal… Debbie is a(n):

Winner of UMass-Boston Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence award for full college tuition

Recipient of the Oliver Smith Award for providing exceptional patient care at New England Medical Center

Mary A. Hall’s Abundant Alive Support Circle Team Member

Nominated for the Edward and Sylvia Jaye Excellence in Nursing Clinical Practice Award at Tufts Medical Center

Co-founder of herH.O.P.E.  a group created by professional Filipina women to serve Filipinos and others.

Executive Producer of Learning Exchange Video Cast for Wholebeing Institute

A Random Act of Kindness activist (RAKtivist) that is committed to practicing random act of kindness in the world in small yet powerful ways to help spread hope and happiness.

Published articles for the Healthy Living Magazine and South Shore Senior News

Interviewed by Dr. Mark Mincolla on The Natural Health Show WATD 95.9 FM Radio, Patriot Ledger Newspaper, South Shore Senior News, and Cambridge Community Television, The Believe Show.

Speaker and participated in Healthy Living Expo sponsored by Healthy Living Magazine

Community & Church Volunteer (American Red Cross, PTA, CCD Teacher, creator of Health & Healing Ministry at Sacred Heart Church, and member of Asian Women for Health)

Blessed to be married to her love and best friend of over 25 years and mother of their 3 spectacular and gifted boys who are on their way to becoming “a man for others”

Grateful that her parents are young at heart and still living a good life

Product of the 80’s, she refuses to admit to her boys that the 80’s music is considered the “classics.”

Foodie! Loves great cooking and tries to imitate the recipe whenever she can. Can’t get enough of delish diner food!

Student of life and can’t get enough of learning new and natural ways to heal and feel better. “Hmmm…what will it be next…”