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My name is Debbie Lyn Toomey of

Have YOU ever wished you had just an HOUR to do as you like without feeling guilty or worrying it might upset your busy work-life schedule?

I sure remember that feeling, and that’s what drove me to DISCOVER simple and powerful systems that I NOW teach that has allowed me to be a part-time nurse, business owner, wife, mother of 3 boys, daughter of aging parents, volunteer, and a whole LOT more…


NOW, I have MORE time and energy because I now know how to create these incredible qualities at will!

AND guess what?

I can teach YOU how to have MORE time and energy from the techniques I use in my programs.

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Alpha Sandford“Debbie is the ultimate personal coach when it comes to living a full life. When I say “full” life it is the integration of every single aspect of life: family, wealth, career, success, relationships, health, and also faith. She understands that living is not just on the surface, she goes deeper. She makes you understand that knowing yourself first and foremost is the key to living a spirited life.”
Alpha Sanford,

Jennifer Currie“Coaching with Debbie was truly a gift! She guided me to discover the answers I needed for myself and then gave me excellent tools to shift my life into a better place. She is a compassionate listener and guide. She has a wealth of wisdom, and knows how to help you simplify and find joy in the midst of a busy life.”
– Jennifer Currie, Intuitive Coach + Spirit Artist

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Megan Bettencourt“…we love having Deb Toomey as part of our community here. Debbie definitely brings a vibrant, positive spirit to all that she does. We’re so excited to be able to offer Healthy-Steps and Laughter Yoga to our participants. I think the best things you can say about Deb is that people have fun when they are around her and they are always smiling and that’s why it’s very important to us. So she comes with a level of professionalism and just a great resource for us”

– Megan Bettencourt, Cancer Support Community